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Vasanti believes that beauty is something that is celebrated around the globe and continues to bring many women together. Beauty has fueled conversations with strangers, with loved ones and with new friends. It is the reason why some of us are completely infatuated with the most timeless women in the world. As women, beauty surrounded us throughout our childhood. From experimenting with makeup to following our mother’s beauty habits, and browsing through magazines. From over-plucking our eyebrows to applying unflattering lipstick shades, we’ve been through it all. As we have grown, we’ve come to learn that beauty encompasses much more than just makeup.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is. But when someone is viewing the beauty of another, they are actually looking at a summation of years of trials and tribulations in the realm of beauty. You see, beauty belongs to its journey, and through this journey, we discover our own true beauty. What makes us comfortable in our own skin and gives us that extra pep in our step (even when you feel you can’t go any further).

One of the pillars that Vasanti was built on was that not only should beauty feel good, but beauty should perform. You should look like you when you apply it, and feel like you when you wear it. It should perform for the exhausted student who only has 1 more exam to go, for the mother who has children at home, but a career she has poured her heart into. For the woman who has dealt with more than she needs to, but still keeps going and the woman who desperately needs a girls night out because it’s been a long week.

Vasanti is a beauty testament to these types of women. It’s a testament to sisterhood and the conversations and connections that we as women make on a daily basis. Combining the force that is beauty, let’s open up and have real, raw discussions over what makes us us. You feel me?

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